Part Nerd, Part Artist

This is a short story about how I came to start this little tech business that has been going since, well . . . 2004 I guess.

Is He A Techie Or Is He A Creative? 

Over the years I have engaged in a personal balancing act between technology and my creative pursuits in photography and writing. Somehow I always lean back towards technology as the thing that interests me most. Engaging with technology is as natural to me as making a cup of coffee. Engaging with technology in a creative way is a chocochino with marshmallows on the side.

How Long Has This Been Going On?

My first exposure to the bare bones of technology came in 1986 when I enrolled at Technikon Natal to study electronic engineering. In the short time I was there I learned about Boolean logic, circuitry and got my first taste of the personal computer in the form of Apple II’s, on which I got to write my first bits of code. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to study only one part of the entire engineering course, they also wanted me to learn about boring things like trigonometry and calculus, of which I had very little comprehension. Needless to say I didn’t get to the next level of electronic engineering. Buggers.

What Training Does He Have? 

Straight after 2 compulsory years in the army I found myself working at the Natal Building Society (NBS) doing the most loathsome of tasks: banking admin! I did that for a few years, but then, through a series of fortunate alignments and opportunities, I got my break into the IT side of life at the bank. Before I knew it I was being taught how to write code on the Unisys 2200 main frame computer. I got promoted a couple of times and eventually ended up working in the Marketing Division for NBS where I was part of a small team of specialists developing a Marketing Information System (MkIS). I got trained in a variety of different technologies, including OLAP, GIS and others.

Around this time the internet was really starting to take off in South Africa and naturally I was as drawn into this boundless technology as a bear is drawn to honey. I was especially fascinated by how I could use a simple programming language (HTML) to create pages on a screen that could appear on any connected computer, anywhere in the world. Instantly. I created my first websites on platforms like Geocities and Tripod using their GUI’s but then I gradually moved into manually coding pages. A few years later I was working for myself creating websites for other people using technologies like Dreamweaver.

As the internet has evolved, so too have the tools we use to create websites. Nowadays the idea of hand-coding web pages for a small or medium sized business is a foreign practice. What I do for clients instead is find the best pre-developed content management systems and build sites (like this one) using those technologies. I have had over 15 years of experience in working with platforms like WordPress and it means that I can create advanced websites in the shortest amount of time. This one has taken me less than a day to create, including the integration of MailChimp and importing of old posts from my billing system software. It’s taken about 2 weeks of tweaking to get it the way I want it.

What’s Next?

And so here I am now, many years later, still helping individuals, small and medium sized businesses not only establish themselves online, but understand how they can use all the different elements of that online presence to convert browsers into customers. This is a passion for me. If you want to make me happy let me show you how to use something you didn’t know was right in front of you.

I can do more than just create a website for you. I can lead you on a digital marketing odyssey.