We are living in very scary times right now because most of us don’t know what the world will look like in the months ahead, both during and post-pandemic. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One thing I know with absolute certainty is that the times ahead are going to be incredibly exciting for small business owners or start-ups who now have an amazing opportunity to pick up the slack that will be left by big, debt laden businesses who will not make it post-pandemic. You know the kinds of businesses I am talking about; the ones with all the massive overheads that don’t go away when their foot traffic does.

I have been working in the digital arena since Y2K. It was part time at first, buying and selling 2nd hand cameras while I was still working full time at a major SA bank, but as I have progressed into the 21st century I now find myself selling digital products, photographic services and even exclusive wildlife safaris using my websites as the primary marketing and transaction processing tool. Without my websites I wouldn’t have any legs to stand on.

In light of the situation we find ourselves in, I want to remind you that your website isn’t a “nice-to-have” – it is a solid asset that can do work for you in this difficult time. You can open a shop on your website using WooCommerce, which is a free add-on to WordPress and you can get paid for goods or services using PayFast as an easy checkout gateway. I am in the process of setting up PayFast for use right here on this site – just waiting for FICA to be done during lock-down.

So, got stuff you can sell? Want to learn how to do this online? Drop me a line and let’s get busy setting you up for success.